Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Trader Joe's Unexpected Cheddar Cheese

This was the cheese that I picked more or less arbitrarily, with no advance planning, to pair with Some Enchanted Cracker. Again, I think it was largely the whimsical name that drew me to it.

Even after having eaten nearly this whole block, I'm still not sure what I'm supposed to think is "unexpected" about it. The description under the name on the label makes me think that maybe they're suggesting that it tastes more expensive than it is. I couldn't tell, because I didn't compare prices.

There's nothing wrong with it as cheddar cheese, but there's also nothing unexpected about the taste. It is neither unexpectedly good nor unexpectedly bad. The only unexpected thing I noticed was that it was more crumbly than most cheddars. Try to slice it, and a big hunk breaks off before the slicer reaches the end of the block. That's annoying.

Will I buy it again?

No. If I want straightforward cheddar cheese, there are others that taste as good or better, and that don't crumble into unmanageable chunks when sliced.

Nina's View

Unexpectedly CRUMBLY.

Unexpectedly DULL.

Unexpectedly ONLY VAGUELY TASTING LIKE THE WORST PART OF PARMESAN (back of the tongue nastiness).


I found this item to be a waste of valuable cheese calories. There are so many better options.

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