Saturday, November 1, 2014

Trader Joe's Pumpkin

We've reviewed a bunch of Trader Joe's pumpkin products...but not pumpkins. It's time to change that.

Nina invited me to her house last night for dinner and to feed the trick-or-treaters. She asked me to stop on the way and buy a pumpkin for carving. The first grocery store I went to had no more. The next stop was Trader Joe's, which had had enormous boxes of pumpkins for several weeks. No more. They were down to one box, which had none of the traditional look. But after digging through for a while, I spied the one shown above, which I thought was exceptionally pretty, even if a bit unconventional. I bought it for $6.99.

Nina, being the more artistically minded, did most of the carving, with this result:

And here's how it looked after dark, with candles inside:

Happy Halloween!

Nina's View

Bob is a fan of the dappled look. Just check out his kitty cat.

Please note that the DESIGN of the pumpkin carving was Bob's suggestion, based on a photo he saw that a friend had done. It's a cute pumpkin, and it was lots of fun to wield the carving knife again.

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