Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Trader Joe's Honey Roasted Pumpkin Ravioli

These are absolutely the prettiest ravioli I've ever seen, what with the bright orange on one side and the bright yellow on the other. Dopey me, I failed to take a picture of them out of the package. (I was too hungry.) But you can see other people's pictures here, here, and here.

Easy-peasy to prepare. Three minutes in a pot of boiling water. For a first usage, I served them naked, so as not to confound the flavor evaluation. We had some spicy fake sausage on the side and haricot verts, but no sauce, no topping for the ravioli itself.

As for flavor, well, not such a pretty story. I got nearly all pumpkin, with the cheese completely subdued. I didn't mind them, but they weren't as tasty or interesting as I had hoped.

I paid $3.49 for the package, which turned out to contain only nine pieces. (The label claims the package to contain two servings, so I guess they expect you to cut one of them in half.) That's 39 cents apiece. Seems kind of high.

Will I buy it again? 

It's a seasonally available TJ's item. I suppose that by next fall I might develop a curiosity to try to do something different with it.

Nina’s View

Fundamentally, I think pumpkin is best in baked goods of the sweet variety. Pumpkin pie being the apogee thereof.

I prefer butternut squash ravioli to these semi-sweet concoctions. They are indeed festively colorful, and I suppose with a sage-butter-caper sauce to provide a flavor balance to the sweetness, they could make a tasty occasional side dish. Occasional because: 9 ravioli to a package? PUH-LEASE.

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