Thursday, October 9, 2014

Trader Joe's Pumpkin Soup

Maybe there's a way to make pumpkin into a delicious soup. But even if there is, this isn't it. To me it tasted like just a puree of pumpkin, with little else going on. Lifeless. It might work as a base, with veggies added and some grated cheese on top, or something like that. But heated straight out of the box? No, thanks.

Will I buy it again? 

If I happen to stumble on a interesting-sounding recipe that uses this as an ingredient, then maybe. Otherwise, no.

Nina's View

This could be the best soup in the history of mankind. I say "could be" because after the recent parade of seasonal pumpkin-flavored items I simply am incapable of taking any pleasure in anything pumpkin-y, pumpkin spicy, or—let's face it—orange. (Also, soup NOT on a cold day is just not working for me, most of the time.)

It was meh. Not an item I'd ever buy. Bob is right that you could probably tart it up with various additions and make it more interesting. I'd rather see a savory take on pumpkin than yet another item that's sweeter than it should be and flavored with the accursed pumpkin spices. Which should be reserved for their correct, original application, namely pie.

TJ's, listen up: Here's what pumpkin is really good for—pie. Pie. And perhaps a few pie-like items. PIE. Did I mention… pie?

Most everything else? No. Except jack o'lanterns. Those are excellently made of pumpkin.

Now wasn't that easy?

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