Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Trader Joe's "This Strawberry Walks Into A Bar..."

I have never before had to wrestle with how to punctuate a blog post title here. I decided that the quotation marks and ellipsis were part of the name of the product and thus had to be included.

This was the second (of many) product I bought to test for its suitability as a backpack item on my recent trip where I would sometimes be without meal facilities.

I have very little experience with cereal or granola bars. They have just never seemed very appealing to me. But I figured if I could find one I liked, it would be good for purposes of my vacation.

I was greatly surprised at how good these were. Soft and delicious. Very strawberry-y. After about two bites of the first one, I had moved them from the mental category of "if I can choke these down, they'll save me from being miserably hungry when I can't stop for real food on my trip" to "these should be in regular rotation in my snack cupboard."

I'm not yet ready to crown them a Top Ten item, but I'm very happy to have discovered them.

Will I buy it again? 

Literally on my next trip to TJ's. I want more!


I did take them on my trip, and they were a great part of my backpack food collection, along with fruit bars, dried fruits, peanuts, and granola bars.

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