Saturday, January 3, 2015

Trader Joe's Brandy Beans

My girlfriend has twice seen this box sitting on my counter and twice mentioned that it seems like something she wouldn't expect me to have purchased. And she's right--it's completely out of character. I have never tasted brandy and thus have no reason to think I would like it. In fact, since I have never found a form of alcohol that I like--and hence don't drink--there is every reason to assume that I would not like brandy, or candy filled with brandy. So why did I buy this? All I can say is that it was different than anything I had ever seen before, it intrigued me, and I yielded to impulse.

Now that I've tried a few, I wish I had thought it through more. I don't like them. The filling is a thickened liqueur that mostly tastes of ethanol, with a little sweetness, and a vague fruitiness if I really think hard about what I'm tasting.

My primary impulse while eating these is to ask, "Why is there booze in my otherwise nice candy?" Some part of my brain is aware that the answer is, "BECAUSE YOU BOUGHT A BOX OF CANDY WITH BOOZE IN IT, MORON!" But that doesn't stop the other part of my brain from asking the question. It just seems wrong.

Will I buy it again? 

Not unless I have a stroke or surgery that kills off the part of my brain that will try to remember what a bad idea it was to buy it the first time.

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