Friday, January 9, 2015

Trader Joe's English Peas

The first time I spotted these in the produce section, I passed on buying them because of the price--$3.49 for 10 ounces, which makes them about a million times more expensive than any other peas you can buy. Or something like that. (Math is hard.) But the second time they caught my eye, I thought, "Well, all right--JUST THIS ONCE."

If you're a little unclear on the differences between pea varieties, as I was, here's a nice one-paragraph explainer.

These peas are definitely nice--very flavorful. I accidentally undercooked them a bit, and they were still delicious.

But the price is going to remain a sticking point. The gardens of the world have not yet yielded peas so good as to be worth $3.49 for 10 ounces.

Will I buy it again? 

Only after I win the lottery.

Nina's View

I saw these peas in TJ's and almost bought them for myself. But I was brought up short by the price and by the fact that they are English Peas FROM GUATEMALA.

What is wrong with this picture?

I know I eat stuff imported from all over everywhere. I'm striving to do a little less of that. Things that have to get to me via refrigerated airplane? I'm pretty much over that.

Nonetheless, it must be said, the peas are awesome. I should grow some of those peas next year. Then they'll be cheap and local and angels will sing. (Or something.)


  1. Just before Christmas, I was at TJ's -- and found myself in line behind a woman who had NOTHING BUT these English Peas in her cart: about a dozen bags of them.

    She was gaily chatting away with the cashier (apparently not averse, as I am, to answering questions about how her day was going and what she had planned for the rest of the weekend; I always feel as though the cashier is hoping for an invitation!).

    Had there been a moment's silence, I might have accosted her to ask (1) if English Peas are a time-honored Christmas custom at her home, and/or (2) if those peas are really good enough to justify their price -- a point I had pondered, once, whilst (English touch) perusing the TJ's produce. Apparently she thought they are -- or had never price-shopped for peas in all her born days.

    Perhaps she had already won the lottery.

  2. These are totally worth the splurge.
    Full review here - I am a fan!

  3. I don't care where they're from or how much they cost. Fresh peas are practically unheard of in these parts and I buy them anytime I can find them. Which is hardly ever.

    1. I second that, Linda. I've NEVER seen actual fresh peas (other than sugar or snow peas) in any other store. They are only ever sold in SOME farmers' markets during a sliver of the year around June or grown in one's own garden (for a sliver of the year around June).