Thursday, January 22, 2015

Trader Joe's Iberico Cheese

I definitely have a favorite cheese; it was, in fact, the subject of the very first review I wrote for this site. But these days when it's time to buy more cheese, I search the TJ's shelves for some variety that I haven't had before, both for the sake of gaining additional blog material and for expanding the range of my personal experience. So the choice of Iberico cheese was spontaneous and arbitrary. I knew nothing about it. (You can become better educated than I was. Read here about this type of cheese.)

To cut right to the chase, I found this terribly dull. It is sufficiently bland, mild, and neutral that you could probably use it in all sorts of applications. I did nothing but have slices of it on various kinds of crackers. My impression every time was that it conveyed a generic sense of "cheese," but that's about it. To its credit, it is of a consistency that makes slicing it relatively neat and easy.

Will I buy it again? 

Not for myself. I can imagine maybe including it as part of a gift of several different kinds of unusual cheeses for a foodie friend, or putting it out as one of several choices for a cheese-and-cracker platter for a party, but if I'm going to be the one eating it, I want something more flavorful.

Nina's View

I liked this cheese considerably more than Bob did. I don't find it bland: it has a nice nutty flavor, and its texture is just right for slicing and eating out of hand, or on one of those excellent Raisin & Rosemary Crisps. 

As I reduce my dairy consumption, I am committed to eating less and less of the congealed pain juice. *sigh* Which is going to be difficult because it is so so tasty.

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