Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Trader Joe's Low Fat Ginger Cats Cookies For People

Is it possible for ginger cookies to have too much ginger in them? Until now, I would have said "no"--and maybe even "hell, no." Now I'm not so sure.

These are so gingery that they leave a burning sensation as they go down. Which makes me think they've pushed it a tad too far.

Now, this doesn't make them inedible. It doesn't make me hate them. But it makes me eat fewer of them at a sitting than I otherwise would, because I have to drink a lot of cold water with them to douse the flames in my alimentary tract.

But really the biggest problem these cookies have is that they're competing directly against the luscious Triple Ginger Snaps, and that's not a battle they can win.

Will I buy it again? 



  1. It's always nice to know that food is meant "for people". Are the "Triple Ginger Snaps" people-approved? Didn't think so.

  2. To be fair, the name "cat cookies" is sufficiently ambiguous to give one pause. Or paws.

  3. This is helpful information to know that the ginger cat cookies pack so much of a ginger punch that they burned your mouth. For this reason, I will not be buying these.

    Just to confirm, you didn't get that burning of the mouth with the Triple Ginger Snaps? I have wanted to try these but was afraid it would be overwhelmingly gingery.

  4. Nope, I don't get the same effect with the triples. Don't know why.