Friday, July 10, 2015

Cabot Premium Natural Sweetened Light Whipped Cream

Have you noticed a theme to this week's post? If not, you're not paying attention! It's Day 6 of Dairy Week! 

This is one of those occasional non-TJ's branded products that is nevertheless sold by Trader Joe's.

This is excellent stuff. Put a little squirt in your mouth, and it tastes real; that boast on the can about "real cream, real vanilla and real sugar" comes to life. It's been many years since I had the Reddi-Whip that was always in the refrigerator when I was growing up, but this Cabot product tastes infinitely better than my memory of that stuff.

Will I buy it again? 

It's rare that I'm making or serving something for which this kind of product would be suitable, but when I do, this would absolutely be my first choice.


  1. Love your blog ❤️

  2. My refrigerator is never without a can of this whipped cream! I agree that it tastes a lot better than Reddi Whip, plus it is all natural.