Thursday, July 9, 2015

Trader Joe's Organic American Slices

It's Dairy Week on the ol' blog, and this is Day 5: 

I defy anybody to be able to tell this from something like Kraft's American cheese slices. They'll both serve their intended purpose, which is to slap on a sandwich or burger quickly and convey a vague, generic sense of cheesiness. (For an explanation of what is meant by "American cheese," see here.)

But Kraft's pricier "Deli Deluxe" line of individual slices is so vastly better than its more common corporate shelf-mate--and, hence, similarly superior to this TJ's version--that I see no reason to purchase the lesser offerings. Of course, it's even better to slice your own cheese from some delicious block. But I get lazy like most other people and can be tempted by the convenience of uniform, prepared slices. Given that, why not go for the best ones you can find? For me it's the Deli Deluxe, and has been for many years.

Will I buy it again? 

No. I suppose it's worth knowing that TJ's has here a product that compares favorably with Kraft's market-dominant slices, but neither of them is going to lure me away from Deli Deluxe.

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  1. Well, TJ's is organic! In just about every food item that counts for a lot.
    But organic dairy products like cheese, milk, etc. vs. non-organic? That's a huge difference.
    Cows are fed GMO corn, given hormones and antibiotics, and are even fed meat (which is unnatural for cows, since they're herbivores).
    None of this is true for cows that are used to produce organic milk and cheese.