Saturday, December 27, 2014

Trader Joe's Chicken Pot Pie

I get lazy and heat up a frozen pot pie of one sort or another a few times a year. I had previously tried one from Trader Joe's refrigerated section. I didn't like it primarily because it had way too many onions. Onions ruin whatever they touch. This has also been the downfall of some other brands that otherwise showed promise, including Marie Calender's and Claim Jumper,

This frozen variety, fortunately, does not suffer from the same fatal defect. However, it is completely bland and uninteresting. (And to all the smartasses who immediately see a connection there--no, its blandness would not be improved by adding onions.)

I also don't get the claim that this is a serving for two people. I had a whole one for my lunch, plus a hearty salad, plus some chips and dip. I am not a big guy. It might have been a little bit more than I would have thought ideal, but not a lot.

Will I buy it again? 

Probably not. It just didn't excite me.

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  1. Onions are Gods gift to the world. The frozen chicken pot pie is completely bland and uninteresting, I agree.