Saturday, December 20, 2014

Trader Joe's Dark Chocolate Triple Ginger Cookies

I had assumed that these were just a chocolate-covered version of Trader Joe's famous and fabulous triple ginger snaps. But soon after biting into the first one from this box, I realized that was not so. The cookie is softer than the ginger snaps, and the embedded ginger pieces are different. I suspect they come from a different manufacturer. Which is a shame, because the triple ginger snaps are perfect. The cookies here, not so much.

I also don't think the chocolate blends nicely with the ginger. It's too dominant, too bitter. Milk chocolate would probably work better.

Overall I was just kind of "meh" about these. Disappointed.

Will I buy it again? 

No. There must be better cookies to leave out for Santa.

Nina's View 

I love Bob very much, but sometimes I feel he is so wrong that we inhabit different universes.

This cookie is a case in point. It has already been established that we disagree on the aforementioned triple ginger snaps. That's because they are meh, whereas these cookies are very, very good.

The texture is awesome. The chunks of ginger are fabulous. The robe of dark chocolate is perfect, thin but intense. A cup of tea and a couple-three of these little nuggets of deliciousness would fix just about any day that needed fixing. 

Even a day in which Bob is entirely mistaken.

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