Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Trader Joe's Veggie Chips Potato Snacks

God, these things are awful. It's like eating pieces of fresh cardboard. No, let me revise that--it's like eating pieces of stale cardboard.

It's not just me making that assessment. A food writer for the San Jose Mercury News sampled 14 different veggie chips, and this Trader Joe's offering came in dead last. Says the writer, Ms. Jolene Thym:
These bargain-priced chips are a serious disappointment. They get a half-point for being low in fat, but the cardboard flavor gets a thumbs-down. A serving has 160 calories, 1 g fat, 1 g fiber. A 6-ounce bag is $1.99. (½ a star) 
And what's with the identity crisis? "Veggie Chips," but simultaneously "Potato Snacks"? Let's set the record straight--there are no "veggies" here, only "potato starch and flakes," according to the ingredient list. Well, OK, there is also "tomato powder" and "spinach powder," but they're both listed after salt, which tells you something about what tiny amounts of each are present.

This is without a doubt the single worst TJ's product I've tried yet.

Somewhere within the vast Trader Joe's organization there is at least a small group of people, among the many tasked with vetting new products, who presumably tasted these chips and all said, "Wow! Those are great! Let's get them on the shelves right away!"

My message to Trader Joe's is this: Find those people and fire them.

Will I buy it again? 

Take a guess.

Nina's View 

How to explain?

My first impression of these chips: vaguely salty styrofoam.

My second impression: hmm, there's some oil in there too.

My third impression: huh. If I eat several of the same color in a row I can detect a vegetablish flavor of spinach or tomato.

My fourth impression: these things are appropriately shaped for dipping in dips. Which would definitely make them better.

My fifth impression: I'm still eating them. I am a pathetic slave to anything salty and greasy.

My sixth impression: I would not reach up or stoop down to put these in my shopping cart.

My seventh impression: if these fell into my shopping cart and I didn't notice, I would ask the cashier to not ring them up when I went to check out.

My eighth impression: if these were a "free bag with purchase" at TJs, I would in fact take them home and eat them. (Whereas Bob has proclaimed he would throw them out.)

My ninth impression: I would eat every other savory snack in my home before finishing these. At which point they would be really stale and even worse.

My tenth impression: save yourselves some money and just put some oil and salt on plastic packing peanuts. 

Bob again: Can you see why I love this woman?

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