Friday, December 19, 2014

Trader Joe's Petite Fig, Pear And Cranberry Tart

I read about this in the December Fearless Flyer, here. "This is a classic, French-pastry-inspired tart that begins with a fabulously flaky crust. Nestled within that crust are abundant amounts of sweet California figs, smooth & tart pears, and tart & tangy cranberries. Every bite delivers sweet & tart, with a bit of crunch (from the figs), and that flaky crust that brings it all together." Sounds irresistible, doesn't it? TJ's copywriters earned a purchase with that, because I wouldn't have bought this thing without having read that. In fact, the baked-goods table is one part of my local TJ's that I habitually ignore, unless I'm looking for something specific.

This is the third item I've bought from that table, the first two being the awful cherry pie and the so-so Druid Circle cookies (review coming later). Now we add a ho-hum tart to that list.

I've had 3/4 of this, one quarter per night for three nights, and I don't think I'll eat the fourth. The crust is more tough than "flaky," let alone "fabulously flaky." The fruit does have a nice blend of sweet and tart, but they're really stingy with it. The result is like eating some tough bread with an occasional bit of fruit. Which is not exactly an irresistible experience.

TJ's also gets demerits for not using the Oxford comma in the product name. It's adding orthographic mediocrity to culinary mediocrity.

Will I buy it again? 


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