Monday, March 30, 2015

Trader Joe's Baked Blue Corn Tortilla Chips Salted

If you're paying attention, this is three days in a row of posts about tortilla chips. Don't worry--this isn't becoming an all-chips blog. But TJ's does have a wide variety to explore, and with my new-found love of hummus, I've been buying every kind of hummus I can find, and making chip purchases concomitantly.

Compared to TJ's fried blue corn tortilla chips (see yesterday's post here), I like these a little bit less. But that is only because they are kind of on the delicate side. They break too easily when dipping, and crumble when bitten into. It's not a fatal flaw, but I wish they were less brittle. With a tiny sample of just one bag, my impression is also that there are a higher percentage of chips broken in manufacturing and shipping.

 I appreciate that they are lower in fat, and that they've managed to churn out a baked-chip product that needs no apology for sacrificing taste to achieve that. They're delicious.

Will I buy it again? 

Yes, though probably less often than some others that I've fallen in love with.


  1. Where did they go??? I've been eating Trader Joe's baked blue corn tortilla chips for years. I like them a lot. They're especially good with Xochitl asada verde salsa. To me the trade-off between slightly lower-quality taste and texture (compared with fried chips) and the reduced fat intake is well worth it. The trouble is, suddenly they seem to be unavailable. Last week when I was in my Trader Joe's there were none on the shelf and the person who helped me said he thought they may be discontinued.

    The only other baked blue corn tortilla chips I know of — Guiltless Gourmet and Garden of Eatin' — suddenly appear to be unavailable, too. They are still listed at Amazon and other online retailers but all say "unavailable at this time." (See and

    Some yellow baked chips seem still to be available but I want the blue baked chips. Is there any hope Trader Joe's will keep making and selling them?

    1. They have discontinued the baked blue corn chips in Columbus, Ohio. They also discontinued my favorite smokey chipotle salsa and replaced it with garlic chipotle salsa - doesn't taste too good and I wonn't buy it again.

  2. I inquired ..(again) at the Louisville Trader's. They said they were controlled by zone sales. So, another zone such as in California or Eastern Zones may possibly still stock them.