Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Trader Joe's Soy & Flaxseed Tortilla Chips

My first reaction to my first bit of one of these chips was, "This is stale." Soon Nina convinced me that they were not, in fact, stale; that was the soy component conveying an unfamiliar flavor.

Once I got past that mental barrier, I had no problem with these chips. But they suffer by comparison with their close cousin, the superb Veggie & Flaxseed Tortilla Chips. The latter are both more flavorful and prettier.

Will I buy it again? 

I can't. I'll always be too tempted by the multicolored Veggie version sitting right next to it on the store shelf.

Nina's View

I do not like these. They have an icky mouthfeel. I blame the soy, which does indeed impart a flavor which reads as "stale." Go away, soy chips.

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