Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Trader Joe's Longboards Organic Tortilla Chips

Day 4 of chips, chips, and more chips!

These chips are ordinary white-corn tortilla chips, with two exceptions. First, they are less salty (note the "low sodium" designation on the package). Second, they are unusually shaped; intact ones are roughly the shape of a surfboard. Hence the name.

But I had to specify "intact ones" there, because there were so few. Maybe 10% of the chips were intact, the rest just broken pieces. So if the shape is the big selling point--and it appears to be--it is completely nullified by the handling that they receive, or that at least this particular bag received.

The copy on the back of the bag says, "Ever try to get a gnarly salsa dip going and end up with a broken chip? Bogus, right?"


Will I buy it again? 

No. Even if they had all been in pristine condition, I found after trying a bunch of them that I still prefer round chips for dipping in my hummus.

Nina's View

So, I liked these. I like the shape for dipping—less slop onto the fingertips, especially if you double-dip. They are super-basic chips with a nice, corny flavor and a pleasant but not harsh crunch. I didn't even find them too low on salt.

I can't comment on the percentage of broken chips, because I didn't really notice. But I will say I'd like them less if they were broken, because the whole special selling point of these is the shape.

Hang ten, brah!

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