Friday, March 27, 2015

Trader Joe's Petite Peas

Nina bought and cooked these. We both ate them. They were petite. And they were peas. They were very pea-y. The end.

OK, the truth is that I never know what to write in reviews of common items like this. They're functionally indistinguishable from any other brand of frozen petite peas you might buy, and probably have a fair degree of variability in quality from one batch to another, making generalizations difficult.

All I can say is that this particular bag on this particular day was as good as any I can remember.

Will I buy it again? 

Sure. It's just a matter of price and convenience, and TJ's usually excels at both.


  1. Trader Joe’s Petite Peas trying to get info on the contaminated peas. I dont see any expiration date on mine, do yours show one?

  2. See