Thursday, March 5, 2015

Trader Joe's Lemon Pepper Seasoning Blend

I've never been a fan of pepper. I never, ever taste something and think, "A little pepper--that's what this needs." For the six years that I lived in Las Vegas before moving to Asheville, I didn't own a pepper shaker or any pepper to put in it. I only bought a small McCormick pepper grinder here when Nina requested to have it available for when she's eating here.

But I do like lemon. I actually prefer lemon to butter on vegetables like broccoli. Not quite everything is made better with lemon, but most things are.

So when I saw this stuff in the store the other day, my thought process was approximately this: "Hey, if they have lemon and pepper mixed together, maybe I'll use it for the lemon part, and discover that the pepper part improves the flavor of my food, too." In the basket it went.

I tried it tonight on some scrambled eggs and on some green beans. I detected no lemon. Zero lemon. Nada limones. Pas de citrons. I tasted pepper, and while it's not a dealbreaker, I didn't like it any more than the few times I've used it in the past.

Disappointing, but not terribly surprising.

Will I buy it again? 

I think it's very safe to conclude that this small bottle will constitute a lifetime supply.

Nina's View

If you hold the bottle up to your nose you can get a whiff of lemon zest and lemon oil. Barely. It didn't make it to my taste buds when applied to some green beans and some scrambled eggs. Maybe the bottle needs a bit of shaking? Maybe you could taste it if applied to something totally bland? (Please note: neither the garlic nor the onion mentioned in the ingredient list amounts to anything either. Note that Bob didn't complain "AND IT TASTES LIKE ICKY ICKY ONION." Because it doesn't.)

Whatevs. Not worth whatever premium they are charging.

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